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Vasilieva, M., Laski, E., Veraksa, A., Bukhalenkova, D.
(2022). What children’s number naming errors tell us about early understanding of multidigit numbers. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 224: 105510
Veraksa, A., Bukhalenkova, D., Almazova, O., Sukhikh, V., Colliver, Ye.
(2022). The Relationship Between Russian Kindergarteners’ Play and Executive Functions: Validating the Play Observed Behaviors Scale. Frontiers in psychology,13:797531
Bukhalenkova, D., Veraksa, A., Chursina, A.
(2022). The Effect of Kindergarten Classroom Interaction Quality on Executive Function Development among 5- to 7-Year-Old Children. Education Sciences, 12(5):320
Veraksa, A., Gavrilova, M., Lepola, Janne
(2022). Learning motivation tendencies among preschoolers: Impact of executive functions and gender differences. Acta Psychologica, 228:103647
Bukhalenkova, D., Veraksa, A., Gavrilova, M., Kartushina, N.
(2022). Emotion Understanding in Bilingual Preschoolers. Behavioral Sciences, 12(4):115
Bayanova, Larisa F., Chichinina, E., Veraksa, A., Almazova, O., Dolgikh, A.
(2022). Difference in Executive Functions Development Level between Two Groups: Preschool Children Who Took Extra Music Classes in Art Schools and Children Who Took Only General Music and Dance Classes Offered by Preschools. Education Sciences, 12(2), 119.
Veraksa, N., Gavrilova, M., Veraksa, A.
(2022). “Complete the Drawing!”: The Relationship between Imagination and Executive Functions in Children. Education Sciences, 12(2), 103.
Veraksa, N., Veresov, N., Sukhikh, V.
(2022). The play matrix: a tool for assessing role-play in early childhood. International journal of early years education, 1-18.
Kartushina, N., Mani, N., Alaslani, K. et al.
(2022). COVID-19 first lockdown as a window into language acquisition: associations between caregiver-child activities and vocabulary gains. Language Development Research, 2(1), 1-36
Veresov, N., Veraksa, A.
(2022). Digital games and digital play in early childhood: a cultural-historical approach. Early years : an international journal of research and development
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